New Zealand Woman in Wheelchair Says Managing Intersections Can Be Dangerous

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The Otago Daily Times in their article Curbs Endangering Wheelchair Users reports:

A wheelchair user fears for her safety if nothing is done to improve the kerbs at a busy South Dunedin intersection.

Dunedin woman Fiona Russell says trying to navigate the Hillside Rd and King Edward St intersection in her wheelchair can be dangerous.

Often her chair will get stuck between the gutter and kerbing, leaving her vulnerable to turning vehicles because the kerb-cut on to the footpath was too steep and slippery.

A lack of kerb-cutting in King Edward St also meant wheelchair users often had to leave the kerb and ride on the road to get into and out of taxis, she said.

While it might seem like a small issue for able-bodied people, it could be a big impediment for people who needed to use a wheelchair.

Dunedin is a city in New Zealand.

Read the full article here:

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