WI Medical Partnering With General Contractors for Home Modifications

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Here at WI Medical we take great pride in creating the right mobility solution for our clients.

We are especially proud of the work we do in evaluating and customizing the equipment to fit the client’s medical needs and lifestyles. We have done some ‘crazy’ equipment over the years (with lots of added features, bells and whistles) but was always in the interest of helping that client remain mobile and to keep a quality of life they imagined.

Home Modifications

When we go to a home to evaluate a client, there is a huge form that has to be completed with just about every measurement you can image of that person — but it’s also necessary to do that same assessment and evaluation of the persons home.

We cannot tell you how many times we have heard of wheelchairs being ordered without consideration of the width of the doorways — or of bathtubs with doors that open out rather than in — how does one deal with that?

Many times, the home evaluation makes all the difference in the world and many times, home modification is necessary.  While our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPS) are experienced with mobility equipment including ramps, lifts and grab bars — we are not contractors, which is what is required to do a full home modification.

So, we are excited to say that we have been meeting with some great contractors and are presently in the process of creating a network of licensed, insured, and certified professionals that we can confidently work with to make sure our client’s homes are properly modified.

In fact, we plan on offering this service to even those that are not wheelchair bound, but just making the choice to age in place.  As we get older, it is with foresight that people are now preparing their homes for the inevitable effects of aging.  One does not necessarily need to leave their homes because of a fall, loss of balance or weakening of muscles – with a few simple, well-built solutions – one can continue to live out those senior years with an active and mobile lifestyle.