Need to Find a Wheelchair Repair Service in Cape Coral, FL or the 33991 Zip Code?

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Do you live or work in the zip code area of 33991 in Cape Coral, Florida? Searching for fast, reliable wheelchair repair and maintenance services?

At WI Medical, we can help! Get fast  service in Cape Coral, Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties too.

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We’re contacted by people every day who need repairs made to their power and electric wheelchairs – as well as their mobility scooters.

When the powered wheelchair you rely on breaks down or just needs regular maintenance, it can be frustrating. Any wheelchair — whether its made by Pride Mobility, Drive Medical or you bought if from an online retailer like — can stop working correctly. Because it’s a machine with a motor and moving parts, it has the potential to breakdown. And the older the wheelchair — and the more often it’s used — the more problems it may have!

Also, if the warranty (or extended warranty) has lapsed…getting fast repairs may prove to be more difficult.

With our in-home repair services, we can provide the support you need for:

  • Wheelchair battery replacement
  • Controllers and joystick repair
  • Wiring and electrical issues for wheelchairs and scooters
  • Wheelchair motor repairs and service
  • Seat and back repair
  • Armrest and footrest repair
  • Maintenance for tires and wheels

Call us at 1-877-854-9363 or Schedule Your Service Online Today. You’ll then speak with a customer service representative who will ask a few questions about what’s not working on your wheelchair or scooter. They will schedule a time and date for a certified technician to visit your home or office. Additionally, they will explain our Service Provider Agreement. You may also choose to get repair help over the telephone.

Prices for in-home service start at $124.99. Phone support starts at $79.99.

The technician will provide a full evaluation of your equipment. Many small repairs can be made the same day. Larger repairs may require a return visit or taking your chair away to be repaired. The technician will outline the repair process with you and, once your chair or scooter is fixed, will walk you through the proper operation as needed.

We fix all mobility scooters and power wheelchairs, including:

  • Travel or portable wheelchairs
  • Full size wheelchairs
  • Heavy duty and high weight capacity wheelchairs
  • Complex rehabilitation wheelchairs
  • Customized, custom-built wheelchairs

We know how much of an impact your wheelchair has on your ability to get around. Let’s get your repair done quickly!