Repair Needed for Drive Medical Ventura 4 Wheel Deluxe Scooter

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repair my scooterHere is a repair request we received recently and were glad to help out with – this time for a Drive Medical Ventura 4 Wheel Deluxe Scooter in Baker FL:


We get calls and emails from mobility scooter owners who are frustrated with their scooter because it broke down, won’t respond or just won’t work. Fortunately, most repairs can be made quickly so our customers are mobile as quickly as possible. We know how frustrating a scooter that’s not working can be, especially when our customers rely on them so much for everyday activities.

More about the Drive Medical Ventura 4 Wheel Deluxe Scooter:

The Ventura 4 Wheel Deluxe Scooter offers a great combination of performance, size, comfort, and styling, making it the perfect mobility option for those seeking the “next step up” from compact/travel scooters. The Ventura’s four-wheel configuration is great for stability and handling on rougher outdoor terrain and the performance makes it perfect for longer trips around the neighborhood or around town. The Ventura 4 Wheel Deluxe Scooter features 33AH batteries for greater power and range, a full safety package including rear view mirrors and additional lighting, and the choice of an 18″ or 20″ wide Captain’s Seat or an 18″ wide Folding Seat. Users can even change the Ventura’s color with included color change panels in red and blue.

Is Your Wheelchair or Scooter Not Working? We Can Fix it Quickly.

We service, repair or replace parts on all brands of wheelchairs, scooters and other durable medical equipment. With our nationwide network of repair technicians, we can provide In Home Services or Phone Support Services – fast! CALL 1-877-895-0039 today or request service using our handy online form here.

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WI Medical  is now providing in-home mobility scooter repairs in Indiana, Iowa and Ohio.