Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Will Keep Power Wheelchairs and Scooters Working Longer, Working Better

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Hello there, Wendy here from WI Medical!

As a wheelchair or scooter user, there’s few things worse than having the unpleasant experience of a breakdown of our power equipment.

Losing our mobility is not only scary… It can cause unnecessary fear and stress for most any of us using mobility equipment.

Some of the most common issues we see here at WI are things like the joystick not working, the motors having problems, or the brakes failing.

Mobility equipment checkups can help

Now here’s some good news… Regularly scheduled maintenance checkups will help catch many of these problems in advance and prevent you from being immobilized.

Wheelchairs and scooters go through rain, puddles, snow, mud, tough terrain, and pretty much everything you can think of, every day.

Just like any equipment, exposure to the elements can cause internal damage that isn’t immediately recognizable – things like the onset of rusty or corrosive bits. That’s why regular maintenance checkups can be so important and can perhaps prevent damages before it’s too late.

Flat tires, loose wheels, broken seats, broken joysticks and worn brakes can cause serious injuries. Read any mobility blog and you’ll find the most common fear of wheelchair users is not having the wheels lock properly, and the potential of tipping over, almost always caused by problems with the wheels. What an awful situation when a wheelchair tips over during a movie or worse yet, during the transfer process…

Just like people, power wheelchairs and scooters require regular checkups to insure they are working properly. As a mobility equipment user, you know the importance of having it properly serviced and repaired with durable and dependable parts and equipment.

What’s the solution?

Finding a trustworthy and reputable repair service. WI Medical has over 400 certified, qualified and dependable technicians nationwide – all available 24/7. We offer a wide range of payment options and in-home appointments.

Call today or fill out a form online to have one of our technicians service, repair or replace your power equipment at the convenience of your own home – and if you don’t need repairs right now, get that check up! Yes, you and the chair!