Important Natural Disaster Tips for People Dependent on Mobility Equipment

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Hello there – Wendy here again.

I’m wondering if you knew that our home office is in Florida… Yes, Florida that was recently hit with Hurricane Irma. We’re on the west coast in Tampa Bay, and here at our home office, Hurricane Irma left us without power for 9 days.

Many of our fellow employees were also without power in our homes for the same amount of time, and yet we consider ourselves VERY, VERY fortunate compared to what happened in other areas of this state.

For me personally, my family lives in Houston, which had just been hit HARD by Hurricane Harvey and all of the subsequent flooding. So, here at WI, both hurricanes became the discussion-point about all of our friends, our families, and of course our clients who were also affected by the storms – particularly, all of us who are dependent on mobility equipment.

Most of us with mobility issues are very aware of how to prepare in advance for an oncoming storm. There are also great resources online through websites like Ready.Gov which have downloadable PDF’s with great checklists and tips for preparing.

But, what about after the storm? What happens if our mobility equipment has been damaged or worse, destroyed? What happens when we can’t get to the repair center we typically use, or roads are blocked, and you need help to come to you? How do we get service and how do we pay for it?

One of the great tips I read while researching this was to be sure that we have our income direct deposited to our bank, and to be certain that we have use of a debit card, so we’re not dependent on cash or checks. Simple, but SO VERY IMPORTANT!

Then, what happens if we have to evacuate? We want to be sure that we have all of our important papers along with all of our relevant insurance information – so we can relay it to whomever we decide to work with on our repairs or replacement.

Also… We should make sure we have a list of the style and serial numbers of all the equipment we use – inside and outside our home. It’s also a good idea to choose a company, or companies, that provide home service for our particular type of equipment.

What happens if that technician or company can’t get to us? Well – we should have more than one name in case our first choice can’t service us during that disaster.

Do they have certified technicians who are skilled at evaluating our equipment and our situation? Are they accredited by BOC and American Home Care? And most importantly – do they have representatives covering OUR AREA?!

Here at WI Medical we have over 400 CERTIFIED technicians and reps nationwide who will come to YOUR HOME – if we can get there – or get to wherever you are presently located. We can evaluate your situation, check your coverage, and aid you in your repair or replacements.

We’ve been doing this for quite a while, and I can promise – we understand how difficult it is to be immobilized due to uncontrollable circumstances.

I can’t say this loud enough or strong enough: WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Give us a call, fill out a form on our website, or post on any of our social media sites, and we will get back with you immediately.

And let’s all pray there are no more Irma’s or Harvey’s anytime soon!