Customer with an Expensive Model Maxima-V 3-Wheel Scooter is in Need of Repairs

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get repairs for Maxima-V 3-Wheel ScooterNormally a durable, reliable scooter, the Maxima-V 3-Wheel Scooter is much like any mobility scooter — because it’s a machine with a motor and moving parts, it has the potential to breakdown. And the older the scooter, the more problems it may have.

Also, if the warranty (or extended warranty) has lapsed…getting fast repairs may prove to be more difficult.

At WI Medical, we hear from people every day who need mobility scooter repairs…and we can help!

The following is an actual inquiry that we received recently.

“I have a Maxima-V 3 wheel scooter which I need repaired.”

These inquiries also include the client’s contact information (name, phone, and email). Our clients can reach us through our contact form here or can schedule their service appointments here. Or, they can certainly call toll-free at 1-877-854-9363.

Maxima-V 3-Wheel Scooters are Pricey – Let’s Get Them Fixed Fast!

Most scooters only have a 1 year warranty (though many websites or local mobility scooter shops will offer extended warranties for parts and service for additional costs).

A new Maxima-V 3-Wheel Scooter can cost anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on the model and additional features you choose. That’s really expensive, but also very worthwhile for people who rely on their scooter for everyday use. Can you really put a price on your own mobility?

For this client, depending on the evaluation provided by our service tech, they may be facing the prospect of a full replacement instead of a repair. An old scooter, like an old car, at some point is more expensive to repair than it may be worth. Our techs are trained to provide options for repairs vs. replacements.

An older scooter is probably much loved and is surely a part of the user’s daily routine. Repairing the Maxima-V 3 may be an emotional decision as much as anything else.

We provide nationwide service for all makes, models and brands of mobility scooters — many of which are well-known brands like Drive Medical, Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. There are numerous brands, but the functionality of the equipment is relatively standard. Our technicians have experience and the training needs to handle routine maintenance and repairs as well as major issues and even advice for replacement scooters.

Contact WI Medical Today

We service, repair or replace parts on all brands of wheelchairs, scooters and other durable medical equipment. With our nationwide network of repair technicians, we can provide in-home services fast.

When you contact us, you’ll speak with a customer service representative who will ask a few questions about what’s not working on your wheelchair or scooter. They will schedule a time and date for a certified technician to visit your home or office. Additionally, they will explain our Service Provider Agreement.

The technician will provide a full evaluation of your equipment. Many small repairs can be made the same day. Larger repairs may require a return visit or taking your chair away to be repaired. The technician will outline the repair process with you and, once your chair or scooter is fixed, will walk you through the proper operation as needed.

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