Gifts For Loved Ones in Wheelchairs

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wheelchair bound gifts and presentsThe holidays are upon us and many of us have loved ones in wheelchairs. So what gifts would be appropriate and welcomed?  Me, I live in Florida in a community that is very, very arts oriented, so I’m happy and proud to say we have a large wheelchair population that is involved in the arts. I see them all the time, painting, drawing, sculpting, jewelry making, and we even have a guy that does glass blowing.

Think about what your loved one enjoys and perhaps consider art classes or supplies.  I’m sure all of you have heard of the adult coloring books? I love them, I have one I work on regularly.  If they are not already involved in the arts, maybe it’s about time they started? It’s great way to relieve stress, meet new people and express themselves all at once.  No standing required!

With e-readers and smartphones, technology has made it possible to do art on your device or even create music. Perhaps if your loved one has the technology but not the appropriate apps, how about buying them an app or two?  I personally love making mini movies on my phone. I use iMovie which allows me to just use my pictures and put them in various templates that creates mini trailers. For me the funnier the better! My dogs are usually the stars of mine. Again, no standing required.

How about crosswords, Sudoko, or Audiobooks? I recently did a cross country trip with my 2 dogs and had my audio books on constantly. Some of the readers are really great – some of the books – really hilarious. So, if your loved one who is wheelchair bound needs a good laugh – how about researching out those really funny books and downloading a few as a gift. Laughter does wonders.

Then of course there is the very practical gift of wheelchair maintenance or repair. You may have a friend, neighbor or loved one that is dependent on a mobility device that is obviously not functioning all that well. Unfortunately, most manufacturers warranties are up after one year and many times we cannot afford even the simplest repair.

So speak up.  It’s a great kindness to ask if there is a problem with their equipment, especially if you have a solution.  What an amazing gift that is to offer to get a repair or even just a check up.  At WI Medical we come right to the home and have very affordable solutions for service and repair. Affordable and convenient.

So this year, don’t buy them another lap blanket or new knitting needles (unless of course they love to knit, no standing required again), get creative and bring a smile to those that sometimes need them the most and happy Holidays to all!