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wheelchair repairHere is a repair request we received recently and were glad to help out with – this time for a Quantum Edge Q6 Wheelchair iLevel in Sarasota FL:

It takes a full charge and the battery life tanks. Gives error message power base or motor error. Chair was given to me and I just put 2 new gel batteries in it 2 months ago.

We get calls and emails from power wheelchair owners who are frustrated with their wheelchair because it broke down, won’t respond or just won’t work. Fortunately, most repairs can be made quickly so our customers are mobile as quickly as possible. We know how frustrating a power wheelchair that’s not working can be, especially when our customers rely on them so much for everyday activities.

More about the Quantum Edge Q6 Wheelchair:

iLevel® Power Chairs feature a revolutionary new power chair design for a better experience. iLevel improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair with the seat fully elevated while at walking speed (at 4.5 mph). iLevel’s patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living. Learn more.

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Image Credit: courtesy of Quantum Rehab.

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