Fixing Your Mobility Equipment During the Holidays

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Because we all use our mobility equipment frequently – like anything else – its going to wear out with time.

The upholstery of wheelchairs can get damaged or worn out, and be ill-fitting and uncomfortable.  The freewheel levers can get locked and make it difficult to be mobile, and you need that freewheel for when the battery drains, so you can manually move.

But more than either of those, the biggest issue, is dead batteries for both wheelchairs and scooters.  If you use your mobility equipment daily, then your batteries will usually last about a year.  Less usage, you may get more time.  But, it’s just terrible to suddenly be stuck because of a dead battery!

Like everything else, batteries will deteriorate over time, and you will need to replace them if they are damaged or not holding a charge. Another issue is loose connections from just normal usage (bumps), which can mean the equipment won’t respond and fails to function. Then there is the problems with the joy stick.

No matter what the issue, to prevent this from happening to you,  just commit to doing regular preventive maintenance to keep yourself from getting stuck and immobilized.  Added benefit is it will also lengthen the lifespan of your equipment – keeping replacement of parts and equipment to a minimum.

Especially at this time of year, with the upcoming holidays when everyone is visiting and more active than usual.  The last thing you want is to get “stuck” at an airport or mall while visiting or shopping or even worse at the evil in-laws (it’s a funny).

So do yourself a favor, give Tony a call and we will get someone out to do a maintenance check and make sure you don’t get STUCK!

Happy Holiday’ing