Fascinating and Encouraging Story of Senator Tammy Duckworth, Her Life in a Wheelchair and Having a Baby at 50

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Great article we’re sharing from Vogue Magazine about Senator Tammy Duckworth, who lost her legs after the Black Hawk helicopter she was piloting was shot down over Iraq in 2004.

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From the article, Illinois Senator Ladda Tammy Duckworth owns a great pair of legs. They’re painstakingly painted by an artist to match the skin tone of her arm—right down to the freckles—and the second toe on one foot is longer than the first, just like her own used to be. But Duckworth can’t stand them.

“When I see myself wearing those legs in a mirror, I see loss. But when I see this”—she gestures toward the steel-and-titanium prosthesis attached to her thigh above her right knee—“I see strength. I see a reminder of where I am now.” Same thing with her wheelchair. “People always want me to hide it in pictures. I say no! I earned this wheelchair. It’s no different from a medal I wear on my chest. Why would I hide it?”

Read more about her helicopter accident here.

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