Dallas, TX Repair Services for Complex Rehab Wheelchairs

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complex rehab dallasAt WI Medical, we work with Dallas, TX residents to help them get their Complex Rehab Wheelchairs repaired quickly.

We know that having an issue with your wheelchair can really impact your basic mobility and your daily routines. This can be especially frustrating when your wheelchair is the one piece of equipment you rely on day in and day out to do things you want to do.

Don’t let wiring issues, dead batteries or mechanical failures leave you stranded.

Let us help!

We work with all brands and models of most power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, electric mobility scooters and even other medical equipment. And we know that complex rehab chairs are very customized to your specific use. Our trained, experienced and certified technicians will work quickly to get you mobile again whether you’re using a complex, standard power or manual chair.

We work with anyone who uses a wheelchair — from adults to children — anyone using their chair to get around because of age, injury or illness.

Our in-home service for Dallas and the surrounding towns of DFW is what you would expect — we’re laser focused on helping you. After scheduling a service call, our repair technicians will visit your home to evaluate the issues your having with your wheelchair.

We can manage any issue you may have, including:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Controllers and Joystick Repair
  • Wiring Issues
  • Motor Repairs and Service
  • Seat and Back Repair
  • Armrest and Footrest Repair
  • Maintenance for Tires and Wheels

We’ll have a conversation with you to better understand what’s going on. Once we inspect and evaluate your needs, we either make the repair right their on the spot — or order parts and schedule another visit (or recommend the wheelchair come in for maintenance). We’ll carefully communicate how we’re going to repair your chair and outline in writing any and all steps required.

Serving Dallas area residents with any wheelchair issues

Our technicians have seen it all — we can fix just about anything. Need to find a better chair for your daily use? We can make recommendations for customized chairs as well. Call today at 1-877-854-9363 or fill out a contact form here.