Common Repair Issues for the Jazzy 600 and Jazzy 600XL Power Wheelchair from Pride Mobility

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repair of jazzy 600 wheelchairHaving problems with your Jazzy 600 or Jazzy 600XL power wheelchair?

At WI Medical, we help wheelchair owners ‘get moving again’ by properly diagnosing and repairing all makes and models of powered wheelchairs, including those from Pride Mobility. Our repair services include minor maintenance or major repairs — and we can even help you purchase a new electric wheelchair if your current wheelchair is too old or too costly to replace.

Before you call our number in the top right corner of this web page or fill out our Service Repair Request Form, please know that many small issues can be fixed by reading your Pride Mobility Jazzy 600 or Jazzy 600XL Owners Manual.

If you don’t have yours handy, here is a quick link to the Pride Mobility Website Troubleshooting page.
While this may not be the complete manual, it should help with a quick diagnosis of the problem, cause and solution.

Per the manual: “Any electromechanical device requires occasional troubleshooting. However, most problems that arise can usually be solved with a bit of thought and common sense. Many of these problems occur because the batteries are not fully charged or because the batteries are worn down and can no longer hold a charge. Below are a series of basic troubleshooting instructions for the Jazzy 600/Jazzy 600XL Power Chair. This information is to be used as a supplement to the trouble- shooting instructions provided in the owner’s manual. If you have any questions about this information, contact your authorized Pride Provider.”

What you may find is that many solutions to common problems with Pride Mobility repair will refer you to an Authorized Pride Mobility Dealer. When a repair is too much for you to handle on your own and you need to contact an Pride Mobility wheelchair repair shop, know that WI Medical’s nationwide network of over 400 repair technicians are trained, experienced and certified to help you order replacement wheelchair parts, provide maintenance services or handle the entire repair of your wheelchair.

Common questions our customers ask about wheelchair repair services:

How fast can I get my Jazzy 600 repaired? Once you’ve contacted us, we’re generally able to get someone to your home or office within 1-2 business days. We also offer phone support for simple repair issues.

What information will I need to provide you about my broken Jazzy wheelchair? When you call — or fill out our online repair form — we’ll need to know what problem you’re having with your wheelchair (ex. battery is dead, joystick won’t work, wheels won’t turn, etc.). We’ll also want to know when the last time the batteries were charged or replaced. We’ll need to know the brand, model and model or serial number of your chair. Our team will want to know a time that’s convenient for you for service. We do require the best contact information for you as well (phone number and email if possible).

How much do Jazzy 600 wheelchair repairs cost? We offer two types of wheelchair repair services. You can chooser from In-Home Repair Visits or Repair Service by Phone. Our In Home Service Fee is $124.99. Parts and service are not included. If parts are needed or if repairs are needed, the service provider will provide you with a written quote. Our Phone Support Service Fee is $79.99. A repair technician will listen to the issues you are having with your mobility equipment and then walk you through instructions for fixing the equipment.

Do you offer financing for repairs, replacement parts or when purchasing a brand new wheelchair? Yes we do. We’ve partnered with CreditCare, a leading healthcare financing provider. Go here to apply for credit and easy payment terms with CreditCare.

Why do we need to collect this information about your Jazzy wheelchair? The more information we know upfront will allow us to find the best repair technician for your repair needs. It also helps save time and money when we’re able to quickly diagnosis your potential problem.