A Quick Overview of What to Consider When Being Fitted for a Wheelchair

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get properly fitted for a wheelchair

Over 50 million American live with some sort of disability or physical impediment that requires them to utilize a wheelchair for mobility.

This may be due to the natural aging process, or it may be attributed to advancing Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease or a Work Related Accident.

Regardless of the reason, determining what chair is appropriate for your physical requirements and your lifestyle is important. And equally, determining the ‘right fit’ is also extremely important.

As a quick overview, here are some key features to consider when trying to determine your proper wheelchair fit:

  • Measure Seat Width and Depth
  • Selecting the Arm Type and Height
  • Footrest Style
  • Back Height
  • Wheelchair Seat Height
  • Weight Considerations

Doing so is often based on direction from your doctor and occupational therapist and should meet with your specific needs.

At WI Medical, we work in partnership with you, your healthcare providers and others to ensure you get the right chair. Whether it’s a complex rehab chair for someone with severe disabilities or a more standard wheelchair for an older adult with advanced arthritis, we can help.

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